Doing Practice Questions in the Step 1 Method Format:

1: Do each question individually, in tutor mode, and as part of a topic-specific block (e.g., cardiac phys).

2: Answer the question and read the answer explanations in full - regardless of whether or not you answered the question correctly. Pay particular attention to the correct answer explanation.

3: Open up your central text (e.g., First Aid); focusing on the specific topic, read and annotate the corresponding section. Don't go overboard with the breadth of info you try to cover, but make sure to delve into the concept at the level the question originally required.

4: When annotating, make sure that you've covered the four main "pillars of knowledge" comprised in the S1M framework (pathogenesis/mechanism, clinical presentation, course/complications, diagnostics/therapeutics). Be an active learner - use free association to connect inter-related frameworks (e.g., when reviewing nephrotic syndrome, freely associate similar histopath findings, which will help you both integrate information as well as develop a ddx on future questions).

Note: if part of this key framework is missing, refer to supplemental sources as needed (BRS series, RR path, emedicine, etc.).

Basic Tips: limit the amount of info you annotate - be succinct and focused. The S1M rule is: HIGH-YIELD, NOT HIGH-THROUGHPUT.
The Step 1 Exam tests your ability to apply concepts - not to simply recall facts. You should be spending 5-10 minutes per question covering the four above steps (though initially as you become adjusted to the Method it make take a bit longer).

Good luck and happy studying!