BRS Physiology

- by Linda S. Costanzo
  • Comprehensiveness: 4.5
    • It covers most of the systems-based physiology concepts that appear on Step I.
  • Yield: 5
    • Concise outline format covers high-yield physiology concepts related to each organ system
    • Includes many high-yield graphs, charts, and figures.
  • Organization: 5
    • System-based organization is optimized for targeted review of physiology in areas of weakness.
  • Overall:5
    • It is a good resource for clarifying or filling in gaps related to physiology concepts that may appear in questions and/or are not adequately addressed in one’s central text.
    • Students who have low or borderline performance in physiology in general and/or physiology related to a specific system may find it useful as a supplement to completing questions on those topics.
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