Lippincott’s Biochemistry

- by Richard A. Harvey and Denise R. Ferrier
  • Comprehensiveness: 4
    • Covers most of the biochemistry that will appear on Step I.
    • Does not cover all the frequently-tested clinical correlates related to biochemistry.
  • Yield: 1.5
    • There is far too much detail to use it for a quick review of biochemistry. Most of the text discusses fine details of biochemical pathways that are not frequently tested on Step I.
    • There are some high-yield diagrams and clinical correlates.
  • Organization: 2
    • Clinical correlates cover the clinical presentation, diagnostics, mode of acquisition, and pathogenesis for selected high-yield diseases, but are interspersed in the text.
    • Most of the text is organized to review relatively unimportant details of biochemical pathways.
  • Overall: 2
    • It is an OK source to consult if there is confusion about a pathway described in a central text or in questions.
    • Otherwise, it’s mostly low yield material.
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