BRS Embryology

- by Ronald W. Dudek
  • Comprehensiveness: 5
    • Covers nearly all embryology topics that appear on Step I.
  • Yield: 2.5
    • Covers high yield clinical correlates related to systems and early human development and highlights some key points related to the development of each system.
    • However, it includes many infrequently tested clinical correlates and the text tends to go into more detail than is necessary.
  • Organization: 3
    • Covers mechanism/pathogenesis and presentation for many high yield embryology clinical correlates.
  • Overall:3.5
    • The combination of a central text and question banks are generally sufficient for covering the high-yield embryology topics.
    • Could be used to enhance understanding of topics covered in a central text or in questions.
    • Students should not try to memorize all the developmental clinical correlates in the book. If a topic is not covered in a central text or in questions then it is probably low yield.
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